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Boris Brejcha 'Sad But True' How to make with DRC

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In the music industry if you really want to make a name for yourself, to stand out and be heard, you need to innovate, bring something new and interesting to the turntables. One step further than pursuing a certain style, German DJ and producer Boris Brejcha set out to define an entire genre of his own; "High-Tech M...

FRMS Supremeja Music Preset Pack Tour

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Want to see and hear the latest and greatest FRMS soundbank in action? The almighty ‘Supremeja Music Preset Pack’ is stocked full of atmospheric, cinematic soundscapes, leads, effects and more. Who better then, to guide us through a quick demo of its awesome capabilities, than the main man himself: Supremeja Music! ...

Sound Design Tutorial with FRMS - From Raw to Roar!

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Back in July when a lot of the world was very much still in quarantine/lockdown, Lucas gave a demonstration ‘FRMS from scratch’ tutorial using just one instrument/sampling source: The human voice. This proved quite a popular tutorial and encouraged several community members to sample and granulate their own voices, ...

Sound Design Tutorial - Rival Consoles 'Untravel'

Rival Consoles Untravel - how to make with DRC

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Depending on which side of the fence you are on, ‘intelligent dance music’ can push your buttons in one of two ways. Whether you lean in to the chin-stroking, appreciation of its subtle complexities, whilst you sip the latest craft beer from your very exclusive local micro-brewery, or whether you choose to dismiss i...

Sound Design Tutorial - Richie Hawtin 'The Tunnel'

Richie Hawtin The Tunnel - how to make with DRC

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If we were compiling a list of people who we think truly embody the Imaginando spirit, Richie Hawtin would definitely be included. The British-Canadian techno DJ and producer has a hunger for creativity, driven by a passion for pushing the boundaries of technology, to achieve whatever audio/visual purpose or project...

LK 1.7.2 - Introducing clip properties, midi triggering and follow actions

LK 1.7.2 - Introducing clip properties and more

Published on  

The latest update for LK v1.7.2 is available to download from the App Store and Google Play now, and contains a host of improvements and new features to Matrix MIDI clip editing and launching. Check out the YouTube video where Nuno gives us a quick demo of the new stuff, hosting LK as an AUv3 plugin inside AUM, with...

Tutorial making Dua Lipa's 'Physical' music with Ableton Live and DRC polyphonic synthesizer from Imaginando.

How to make some sounds from Dua Lipa's 'Physical'

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Before this whole global pandemic thing kicked off, right at the end of January 2020 before we’d even heard of the concept of social distancing, Dua Lipa dropped a catchy synth-pop toe-tapper which was all about getting “Physical”. Sharing the same name as Olivia-Newton John’s 1981 track, the world of 80’s aerobics ...

How to create amazing sounds with voice using FRMS (from Imaginando) granular synthesizer and FM (frequency modulation).

Sound design tutorial with FRMS and Voice

Published on  

The human voice - possibly our oldest instrument, shaped through centuries of evolution, and now shaped using FRMS synthesizer in our latest ‘from scratch’ sound design explorative tutorial. In this week’s video, Lucas takes a trio of samples of his own voice then with the help of FRMS multi-layered synthesis, turns...

How to make some sounds from Jessie Ware 'Soul Control' with DRC Synthesizer from Imaginando

How to make some sounds from Jessie Ware 'Soul Control'

Published on  

When playing music, timing is everything, and to a lesser extent when releasing it too. So what if you’ve proudly and passionately poured your heart and soul into a disco centred album, primed for release. Only for huge restlessness and uncertainty over political racial reform to erupt, against a backdrop of an unpr...

Lucas from Imaginando showing how to use FRMS granular synthesizer with an electric guitar

Sound design tutorial with FRMS and an electric guitar

Published on  

In our latest FRMS ‘from scratch’ tutorial, we really have gone back to basics and stripped things back, using just an electric guitar as our starting point. In this video we’re looking at the possibilities of bringing a little FM synthesis into the mix, a crucial part of this being the amount. While FRMS is capable...

How to make some sounds from Trentemøller 'Moan' with DRC Synthesizer from Imaginando

How to make some sounds from Trentemøller 'Moan' with DRC

Published on  

Two years ago we kicked off the second season of our DRC Sound Design Tutorial series with one of Denmark’s finest exports, not the premium lager Carlsberg, but Copenhagen’s beloved indie/dance crossover, DJ and producer Trentemøller. This week we’re taking on another Trentemøller track, one that we spotted in the Y...

Tutorial for Bronski Beat 'Smalltown Boy' using Ableton Live and DRC Synthesizer

How to make sounds from Bronski Beat 'Smalltown Boy'

Published on  

It’s one of those 80’s synth-pop lead riffs that is forever tied to the preset/patch being used to play it, the two married together in our memories. The hook from Bronski Beat’s ‘Smalltown boy’ has a catchy simplicity, such that it treads the line somewhere between melody and arpeggio. Its pleasant musical phrasing...

Tutorial using Ableton Live and FRMS (from Imaginando) Granular Synthesizer to make FM sounds

Sound design tutorial with FRMS and a cookies box

Published on  

We’re back with another FRMS ‘from scratch’ tutorial video and this week we really do have two different, unrelated/random objects as sample sources. Here at Imaginando we’re lovers of both cookies and also looking our best, so it wasn’t too much of a stretch to find an empty cookies tin and a hairdryer lying around...

Tutorial using Ableton Live and DRC polyphonic synthesizer to make Chet Faker '1998'

How to make some sounds from Chet Faker '1998' with DRC

Published on  

Taken from his debut album ‘Built from glass’, Chet Faker’s confusingly titled track ‘1998’ was first released as a single in May 2014. Very positively received by both music critics and fans at the time, the track’s popularity continues to grow as more and more people outside of the ‘Faker news’ bubble discover it....

Using soundbox and paper sounds to create an amazing melody with granular synthesizer - FRMS from Imaginando.

Sound design tutorial with FRMS, paper and a music box

Published on  

Welcome to another FRMS ‘from scratch’ tutorial video, the sound design series that thinks outside of the box, while considering how it might sound from inside the box too. Each video we encourage you to search out the unconventional when looking for sonic inspiration, by sampling whatever takes our fancy. This week...

How to make some sounds from Moloko 'Forever More' with DRC polyphonic synthesizer from Imaginando.

How to make sounds from Moloko 'Forever More' with DRC

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Sheffield, England, has produced a fair amount of electronic-pop partnerships and acts over the years, from the synth-pop and new wave of 80’s groups like The Human League and Heaven 17, to the early 2000’s funky, disco-house flavoured offerings of today’s featured artist Moloko. Founded in 1994 and disbanded ten ye...

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