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Imaginando user review from Apple Store
Imaginando user review related to BAM
Jerome Hunter, 2023-11-28
Dope App! Slight learning curve!

This is great app. Most of the tutorials for it has been geared toward the step sequencer and piano roll. For iOS producers who use BM3, GB, iMPC pro 2, etc… it’s not at the moment a app you can just dive in, set you loop points and built your beat. I love work flow and GUI, but I would like to see more tutorials for traditional beat makers too, especially those who don’t use scenes like this. We call them patterns. Lol My wish list would be for loop point, a chord button on the keyboard with a preset tab, and a drag & drop sample slicer that lays the sample out chromatically. It’s a competitor to Logic Pro for IPad in my opinion. Way better than Pro Dudes Sketch! Great work!

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