How to make the sounds from Bodyrox 'Yeah yeah' with DRC

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How to make the sounds from Bodyrox 'Yeah yeah' with DRC

Rock your body for today's musical class with Lucas and Bodyrox! Although the track today is by the artist Bodyrox, it was the enigmatic producer D. Ramirez who made it into worldwide smash with his remix of this song, which became an incredible success, with constant air time across radio stations for the radio edit.

Bodyrox are an electronica duo consisting of Jon Pearn and Nick Bridges. The main focus of their productions is the electro-house style, and it was in this style that they became known and set their musical course. As we already said, they became famous with the song 'Yeah Yeah', when it started to be popularized by the producer D. Ramirez. ‘Yeah Yeah’ was made by the duo in collaboration with Luciana, a British singer acclaimed for her playful and energetic vocal style.

Pearn and Bridges have worked together on a number of projects, but It was with this track released in 2006 that propelled them into the mainstream, leading to the release of two albums (‘Generationext’ in 2007 and ‘Bow Wow Wow’ in 2012) and nominations for acclaimed awards, such as the MTV VMAs.

In the middle of an electro-house boom in the UK at the time, 'Yeah Yeah Yeah' made it to No.1 on the singles chart, and was also used in several advertisements, games, and movies. 

So prepare to rock this throwback electro hit for yourself with this week's DRC Sound Design Tutorial! Open up your ears, open your DRC, and let’s get into it!

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