How to make Mall Grab 'Liverpool Street In The Rain' with DRC

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Liverpool Street In The Rain

Welcome to the dance floor! This week we dance with Jordan Alexander AKA ‘Mall Grab’ to learn some sounds from his amazing electronic disco-house track ‘Liverpool Street In The Rain’ (2018).

From Australia to the world, Mall Grab started DJing at (only!) 12 years old. Due to his father's record collection and also owning a second-hand record store, Grab literally grabbed disco discs at a young age, mixing the vinyl of artists like Talking Heads, Devo, and Roxy Music, on the most basic of setups. It was then a mere matter of years before his musical aspirations led him up into the DJ booths of the world.

Initially set on a path of studying Psychology, but while doing so he quickly accumulated uploads on Soundcloud, and soon a lot of opportunities presented themselves. He received a proposal from Nikhil Kasturi to release his tracks, resulting in the release of the EP ‘Feel You’ (2015). Mall Grab earned the hearts of disco-house dance lovers everywhere with his hyperactive and unpredictable DJ sets, full of hits and electronic house breaks. 

After his emergence in 2015, he travelled the world DJing and launched several singles and EPs but, maybe his greatest achievement was the launch of his first LP in august 2022. ‘What I Breathe’ (2022) was launched by Grab’s own label ‘Looking for Trouble’ and disconnects from his old lo-fi trademark sound, although he is still very linked to house music style. In this first LP, the Australian producer mixes hip-house with well-known samplers, although we still have time to hear some more ambient and downbeat tracks to enjoy, culminating in a cohesive album that offers the audience a breath of fresh air in the new electro-disco scene. 

For today’s DRC Sound Design Tutorial, prepare to get wet for ‘Liverpool Street In The Rain’ - we challenge you to try not to nod your head to this one, in fact, why not get up and dance after you’ve recreated it?!

You know the drill: open up DRC and let’s get into it! 

Click here to download the Ableton project file

Raining down creativity,
Team Imaginando

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