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This week we took a trip into the colorful world of Alexandra Júpiter, more than just a tattoo artist, she is a master of many different mediums. 

Alexandra welcomed us with a contagious smile, at an unusual place for a tattoo artist to practice the profession; inside a combined hair salon and tattoo studio. As soon as we arrived, we were captured by the sound of a lady giving a manicure with machines that had very concrete sounds, but these were not the sounds we were going to record today!

At the bottom of this, let's call it, beauty center, a small door leads us to Alexandra's tiny studio. With loud music, stylish decoration, and surrounded by color, this is where Alexandra, besides tattoos, does her painting and dreams about the future artworks she will create.

Like many artists, Alexandra always knew she would be connected to the art world. She started drawing from a very young age, and ever since then she knew that her path would be one of artistic creation. After a degree in Fine Arts, competing in several contests and open calls, Alexandra turned to the art of tattooing, something that had already been introduced to her when she was a student. She began by tattooing her own arm, (brave right?!) and since then has continued to tattoo herself and others, creating paintings on the skin of those who want them.

This time we didn't let her ink any of our bodies (maybe soon!), but we did get a little taste, in fact, a little sound, of what the process is like. For some, the sound of tattoo machines can be scary, but we believe that if you visit Alexandra's studio, that fear will soon fly away as you are reassured by the artist's friendliness and unique humor.

You know the drill (or you should do by now!) Get those sounds (link in the description), open up FRMS, AND LET’S GET INTO IT! 

Hope you like this ink-credible tattoo-rial,
Team Imaginando

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