As a company founded on an ethos of inspiration, Imaginando is proud to lead by example with its unique multimedia audio/visual experiences.

our passion

packed full of passion each one entices interaction with art and music leading to emotive and memorable shared creativity

our skills

such projects are a powerful tool for us to strengthen our core brand and we believe they could also do the same for your business too

design technology

striking design combined with state of the art technology encourages an engaging multi sensory journey of discovery through play

into creation

in addition to our completed projects below we are more than happy to work with clients to discuss how we could turn their imagination into creation if you have an idea we could make it happen

Overview of digital music box: a vintage furniture transformed into a DRC analog synthesizer from Imaginando

Digital Music Box

Turning vintage furniture into a crank-powered synthesizer - a crazy journey of discovery and experimentation

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Harpa Laser

Light and sound in perfect harmony

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