About Us

Since 2014 we’ve been mixing music and technology to create original products, centred around audio-visual experiences. We want to inspire artists to expand their own creativity with the innovative high quality products that we build.

We endeavor to make electronic music production accessible for as many people as possible, wherever they are and whatever they are using. Across phone, tablet, laptop and desktop, with Imaginando you can make music anywhere, with anything.

We are a portuguese company, with our head office located in Braga, an UNESCO Creative City in the field of Media Arts.

Life at Imaginando Office
Life at Imaginando Office

Our values



We’re always exploring new ways to create and interact with music, to produce original and innovative products, driven by the passion of our community. We listen, we learn and we evolve.
We always attempt to overcome our technology knowledge in everything we create. Always innovating, our products are constantly updated with our user’s requests.



Creativity is the driving force behind everything that we do. Inspired by our imagination, we challenge ourselves to maximise our creativity as a team.



The music making isn’t available to everyone: we want to change that. We’ve been producing more affordable products with several operating systems so you can play whenever and wherever you are. We always try to create simple and intuitive design, promoting a fast learning path.

Imagine a more creative future

Imaginando Workshop
Imaginando Workshop
Imaginando Workshop
Imaginando Workshop


Our products are powerful creative tools that are used by musicians and sound-visual artists, but also should be used by students and music artists or producers on the making.

Here at Imaginando, we’ve been using our products to conduct workshops on iPad music making, granular synthesis learning, among other topics, in order to promote a more easy and creative learning on the use of digital tools for music expression.

Therefore, we find it beyond useful to distribute our products close to schools and college institutions related to the learning of music making.

To make the learning of digital music more affordable, we have a special discount on educational institutions.

We also provide a large collection of tutorial videos on our YouTube channel, with several dedicated playlists, spanning hours of educational content.