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Welcome to one of the most anticipated weeks of the catholic calendar for the people of Braga, the city in which Imaginando HQ is based. You might know it as Easter weekend, but here we have ‘Holy Week’ and it’s kind of a big, big, (no really) big deal around here.

Braga has some rich religious roots that run deep in the Catholic community, and Holy Week is part of both the National Inventory of Intangible Cultural Heritage and the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Municipal Interest. Like we said, it’s kind of a big deal.

With a whole host of holy happenings planned across processions and masses, we made it our mission to shine a light on one of the more intriguing inclusions. 

After an extensive search there was one clear winner; the infamous Farricocos. Which are essentially ‘ninjas with rattles and drums - on a mission from God’.

Thankfully there is nothing to fear about this Portuguese tradition, the Farriocos are nothing more than people dressed in black from head to toe, (with bonus creepy cutout eyeholes so they can see where they are going!) who parade through the streets during Holy Week to remind people of their sins. At night this is an visual spectacle, with torches lit for a reallu atmospheric feel.

Since none of our team are particularly religious, we decided not to go to the official night procession, and instead we went to see the daytime version. The daytime procession features students from educational and cultural association in the role of the Farriocos, who proudly make the effort to keep the old traditions of the city alive. Thus, the Association 'Projet'Arte' put on a presentation/street performance dressed as Farricocos, simulating what happens with the real Farricocos in the grand Maundy Thursday procession.

Join us for this catholic tradition that looks more like a horror movie scene than a religious celebration, with our host with the most; Lucas ‘Patch Master’ Palmeira Plus, don’t forget to click here to download the sounds from the video to have a play with too!

Egg-cellent Easter sound design,
Team Imaginando

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