How to make Billy Idol - 'Eyes Without a Face' with DRC

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Do you wanna sound like your 80’s idols? Well this week’s featured artist is literally an idol to everyone; Billy Idol! If you’re looking to recreate the sounds from ‘Eyes Without a Face’, then look no further, because DRC - Polyphonic Synthesizer has got you covered. Dozens of YouTube copyright claims across our huge DRC Sound Design tutorial playlist are testament to the skills of Lucas ‘Patch-Master’ Palmeira and the power of DRC!

After being the frontman and lead singer of the band ‘Generation X’ at the tail end of the 70s, it was during the 1980s that Billy Idol went solo, and in doing so released several classic rock tracks of the decade. Today Lucas takes us back to 1984 for one of the hit singles from Idol’s second studio album ‘Rebel Yell’ - the track ‘Eyes Without a Face’.

From the French cinematic new wave of the 60s, to the musical new wave of the 80s, ‘Eyes Without a Face’ was inspired by the movie ‘Les Yeux Sans Visage’ (1960). If you listen closely to the chorus, you can hear the female backing vocalists singing these exact words. Just like any blanc et noir French film, this song carries a huge load of emotional tension, with sad and dark overtones beneath it’s bright, light pop-music instrumentation.

Considered a power ballad, ’Eyes Without a Face’ climbed through the charts, reaching number 4 on the Billboard Hot 100. Recorded at the famous Electric Lady Studios and released on Chrysalis Records, it received great commercial success, and favorable reviews by critics. The music video was also recognised for its art style, receiving nominations for ‘Best Editing’ and ‘Best Cinematography’ at the 1984 MTV Video Music Awards.

For this tutorial (and by popular demand!) Lucas is once again treating us to the vocals too - look out for some triple-cam Patch-Master action in this video!

So open up DRC and let’s get into it!

Click here to download the Ableton project file

Less idle; more Idol,
Team Imaginando

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