It's a Wrap! | FRMS Granular Synthesis Tutorial

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It's a Wrap! | FRMS Granular Synthesis Tutorial

“Holidays are coming” is a phrase now synonymous with Christmas celebrations, thanks to a certain manufacturer of carbonated cola drinks, who literally drive home the message each year with, dare we say it, their iconic advertising campaign. To many people, the reappearance of the big red truck on their television screens each year signals that it’s officially time to get excited about Christmas. The ‘holidays are coming’ advert first appeared in 1995, but since 1930 Coca Cola’s marketing has played a significant role in shaping (literally) the modern interpretation of how we picture Santa Claus today.

We’re doing an altogether different kind of shaping today; sampling and shaping something with a Christmassy vibe for this week’s FRMS From Scratch tutorial, even though it’s not even December yet! Before you get too excited, no, sadly Lucas does not dress as the lead character from the Will Ferrell movie ‘Elf’ for this video. Maybe if we get enough comments and likes on the video he might consider it in the future!

Back to today’s video and we have a gift for you, as we proudly present our first-ever sound design wrap battle! Well, technically there isn’t any kind of battle involved, just a creative use of pretty decorative gift-wrap ribbon, snipped, sampled and sculpted for some festive FRMS action.

And the result? Well, our granular beast may be more Satan than Santa this time, but if you fancy taking a ride with Rudolf the red-nosed grain-deer, then hop on and let’s go ho-ho!

Ribb-on a mission,
Team Imaginando

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