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It’s hybrid heaven in this week’s 'FRMS From Scratch' tutorial, as our granular/FM monster synth samples the delights of everyone’s favorite ‘blowy-pipe, air-piano thingy’; the melodica!

While some people may be unsure of how to correctly pronounce ‘FRMS’ (pro tip: it’s “frames”) the melodica suffers a slightly different situation, in that people are not sure what it is called. More than just a general unfamiliarity with the instrument, even different manufacturers of this quirky little blow-box have their own name for it. From Suzuki’s subtle and slight deviation “Melodion” to Yamaha’s all-out renegade “Pianica”, it’s a cute little instrument, whatever you call it.

This free-reed instrument was created around the 19th century and the fun sound it produces is matched by how much fun it is to play. From music education programs to classical pieces, the melodica pops up all over the place, and raises a smile on almost every encounter. In pop music one of the most instantly recognisable tracks to feature a Melodica is The Wannadies' ‘You and Me Song’ (1994), which went on to feature on the Baz Luhrmann film ‘Romeo + Juliet’ (1996) propelling it to worldwide fame.

If you’re a granular synthesis enthusiast and a follower of this series, check out our latest expansion pack for FRMS; ‘Scratching the Surface 1’. This pack features all of samples from this sonic sound design series. From melodic timbres, to odd, ambient soundscapes, ‘Scratching the Surface 1’ has many hidden depths to explore, and gives you a glimpse into the amazing world of possibilities FRMS - Granular Synthesizer has to offer.

Helping you get to know the piano that you blow,
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