Universal Bridging

UBRIDGE replaces LKBRIDGE and TKLINK merging their funcionality into a single software piece, provinding universal bridging.

LKBRIDGE was used by LK, allowing it to establish a connection with Ableton Live. The same principle was being used by TKLINK to allow TKFX to talk with Traktor. Now the two have been merged into a single tool called UBRIDGE.

How does UBRIDGE work? Simple! UBRIDGE exposes a Bonjour service on the network so that LK and TKFX can find it (just like your network printer does) making it easy for this apps to connect to the host computer.

Further more, UBRIDGE allows a USB wired connection to achieve low latency connection not possible with wifi networks. USB wired connection is available for both iOS and Android devices.

UBRIDGE also assists you in the installation of LK's control surface, essential to control Ableton Live. With a simply drag and drop gesture LK control surface is automatically installed onto Ableton Live. For more information about setup and usage read the setup section of LK's reference manual on our website. In case you are using UBRIDGE for TKFX, refer to TKFX setup section instead.

Download UBRIDGE using the links below. If you have any question don't hesitate in contacting us using the contact form on our website or our support section.

UBRIDGE - LKBRIDGE and TKLINK merged together