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House Flavours Pack

House Flavours Pack

Explore the groovy rhythms and smooth textures of this curated expansion pack. It features a blend of classic house vibes and tech-inspired beats, including underground clubby deep bass lines and hypnotic electronic patterns.

9.99 EUR

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BAM - Beat Maker & Music Maker equips you with all the tools necessary to transform your musical ideas into reality. Whether you're looking to start as a beat maker or produce full tracks, BAM is tailored for both novices and experts. For those just starting out, BAM offers an intuitive interface that allows you to start creating music and beats within minutes.BAM features an impressive array of built-in synthesis engines and effects, including an oscillator synthesizer, sampler, drum synthesizer, analog bass synthesizer, and analog emulations of drum components. The suite of effects includes a filter, EQ, delay, chorus, compressor, and saturator, among others.Additionally, the extensive sample library provides a vast selection of sounds, easily navigable through the integrated sample manager and recorder.With BAM, you have everything at your fingertips to start making beats and music right away!

Trailer of BAM from Imaginando. A groovebox for people that wants all in one.
BAM - Beat Maker and Music Maker Features


  • 16 tracks, 2 send channels and a master channel with effects rack
  • AUv3 instruments, fx and MIDI fx hosting
  • Comprehensive mixer with volume, mute, solo, pan and arm controls
  • Integrated synthesizers including an analog modeled Oscillator and classic acid bass generator, a Sampler and a Drum Synth
  • Integrated effects including an analog modeled Delay and Chorus, multimode Filter, a DJ style 3-band and Parametric EQs, our Burner waveshaper, Compressor, Reverb, Phaser, Bit Reduction, and Stereo Enhancer
  • Ubiquitous piano roll editor for in-depth composition
  • Up to 256 steps per clip on an intuitive step sequencer
  • Lock-style parameter automation on a clip basis
  • Parameter modulation via LFO and EG modulators on a track basis
  • Hybrid audio/midi clip matrix with scene launcher and follow actions
  • Tempo synced time stretch for audio clips
  • Packed with over 1000 percussive and melodic samples

Hybrid clips with MIDI and audio support

Alongside our integrated sampler, BAM offers the capability to import audio loops into its clips, complete with time-stretching and tempo synchronization features. MIDI and audio playback seamlessly complement each other, empowering you to effortlessly layer percussion loops or your own recordings atop melodic MIDI clips, ensuring their playback directions and speeds harmonize seamlessly.

BAM - Beat Maker & Music Maker Matrix Panel With Audio Clips
BAM - Beat Maker & Music Maker Timeline Panel screenshot

Beat maker, Step-by-step

Enhance your rhythm skills and create beats quickly with the BAM - Beat Maker & Music Maker step sequencer. Transform your ideas into drum loops effortlessly using the intuitive 256-step sequencer interface. Monitor multiple tracks with varying clip lengths at a glance, as each track’s playbar indicator operates independently.

More than a drum machine, a groovebox

BAM is more than just a beat maker; it's both a beat maker and a music maker. Explore BAM's extensive range of built-in synthesis engines, including a fantastic old-school acid bass synth that will elevate your musical experience to a higher state of consciousness. (wink-wink)

BAM - Beat Maker & Music Maker built-in oscillator engine screenshot
BAM - Beat Maker & Music Maker effects chain screenshot

FXs for powerful beat making

BAM’s audio processing chain features a large collection of integrated effects: BURNER (the fiery saturator), various EQ’s and filters, reverb, chorus, delay, compressor, reverb, phaser, stereo enhancer and bit reduction. You can link up to five of these effects in your instrument, send and master tracks.

Bring your AUv3 plugins to the party

In the MacOS and iOS versions, you have the flexibility to load your preferred AUv3 instruments and effects alongside BAM's built-in selection, allowing you to bring in your essential tools. Each track also includes three dedicated AUv3 MIDI Effect plugin slots.

BAM - Beat Maker & Music Maker using external AUv3 unit screenshot
BAM - Beat Maker & Music Maker Automations Panel screenshot

Parameter lock-style automations

Create dynamic productions swiftly with our parameter lock-style, step-based automation. Select any parameter and adjust it in real-time, providing hands-on control over the beat-making process for limitless creative potential. Two modulator slots for LFO and Envelope based modulation are also available per track.

Powerful clip launcher for live performance and arrangement

Transition effortlessly from beat maker to live performer using the versatile matrix view. Navigate through a scrollable grid of clips across all 16 tracks. Construct loops by adding, duplicating, and editing scenes, and arrange complete tracks using comprehensive follow action capabilities. Perform and remix your music live by launching individual clips and scenes.

BAM - Beat Maker & Music Maker Matrix Panel screenshot
BAM - Beat Maker & Music Maker Mixer Panel screenshot

Mixing up the beat maker scene

Much more than just a beat maker, BAM’s built-in mixer provides control of your mix, with a master channel, 2 sends and 16 instrument tracks. Adjust levels, mute, solo and arm tracks for recording and more, BAM is an easy to use, feature-packed music maker that is hard to put down.

Sounds and samples sorted

BAM - Beat Maker & Music Maker includes a diverse library of samples and sounds, featuring melodic instruments alongside over 1000 original high-quality acoustic and electronic drum and percussion samples. Its integrated sample browser, recorder, and selection pool streamline sample management effortlessly.

BAM - Beat Maker & Music Maker Sample Manager screenshot
BAM - Beat Maker & Music Maker Composer Panel screenshot

Composers - take note

The composer panel of BAM - Beat Maker & Music Maker offers a user-friendly piano roll interface with many useful tools for quick editing. Whether you're making beats or laying down harmonic progressions, BAM - Beat Maker & Music Maker allows you to easily do it anywhere.

Built-in support for MIDI controllers

- AKAI APC Key 25
- AKAI APC Key 25 MK2
- Novation Launchpad X
- Novation Launchpad MK2
- Novation Launchpad Pro MK3
- Novation Launchpad Mini
- Novation Launchpad Mini MK3
- Novation Launchkey MK3
- Novation Launch Control XL
- KORG nanoKONTROL Studio

Akai APC40 Mk2

Become a beat maker in minutes

Learn BAM fast: simple step-by-step tutorials to kick start your creativity

Beat Maker tutorial

How to make a song in less than 30 minutes

BAM Timeline panel tutorial

How to use Timeline panel for step sequencing

BAM Matrix panel tutorial

How to use Matrix panel to trigger clips/scenes and arrange songs

Imaginando user review from Apple Store
SqueeJezza, 11 Nov 2023
You never fail to amaze me

This is literally the type of app I’m looking for, FAR easier to use than most music programs and so far their best work since DRC.



Paid download
Only available for iPad
AUv3 host (standalone only)
AUv3 plugin available


Up to 5 computers per license
Unlimited time demo
Requires license to save and load saved projects


Mac OS

Mac OS 11 or higher, compatible 64 bit host DAW which supports VST and AU plugin format, plus a minimum of 650 Mb of free disk space to install. Product licence activation requires internet connection.


Windows 10 or higher, compatible 64 bit host DAW which supports VST plugin format, plus a minimum of 650 Mb of free disk space to install. Product licence activation requires internet connection.


Requires iOS 14 or higher. At least 400 Mb of free space.