How to make the keys from Max Cooper 'Resynthesis' in DRC

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Here at Imaginando, we’re all about the power of ‘experiences’. They are an essential part of our company mantra/mission statement of:

‘Combining music and technology to create inspiring musical experiences’.

Our interactive art projects 'Harpa Laser' and 'Digital Music Box' are physical manifestations of this concept, indulging our passion and love of audio-visual creations. One artist in particular who shares this interest is Irish DJ and producer Max Cooper. His talents extend far beyond just those two roles though, as a diverse range of multimedia projects see him experimenting with any piece of technology he can get his hands on, in order to deliver an experience with a ‘focus on sensory immersion’.

Equally at home inside a concert hall or across a dancefloor, Cooper’s music has an intelligent quality to it, which is no great surprise as the work of someone with a PhD in Computational Biology to fall back on. Not that Max has any intention of stopping right now, if 2018’s ‘One Hundred Billion Sparks’ LP is anything to go by, described by the man himself as the ‘score to a visual story stemming from this system of one hundred billion sparking neurons, which create us’.

This is deep stuff, and we love it.

We’re honoured to bring you a small slice of Max Cooper’s sound this week, as we use DRC to recreate the keys from ‘Resynthesis’. The result managed to turn some heads at Imaginando HQ; we think it sounds fantastic, and we hope you do too!

Click here to download the Ableton project file

Super Cooper, beams are gonna blind us,
Team Imaginando

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