Overview of digital music box: a vintage furniture transformed into a DRC analog synthesizer from Imaginando

Digital Music Box

Turning vintage furniture into a crank-powered synthesizer - a crazy journey of discovery and experimentation

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A collaborative journey showcasing the entire process of imagination, inception and creation of an audio-visual project.

The plan: recreate the enchantment of a wind-up, crank-based, music box, but make it big, make it awesome, with state-of-the-art technology. And lasers!

The result: The Digital Music Box

An audio-visual experience accessible for all, 8 lasers automatically in sync to music, playable via the large, rotating crank handle and piano keys, with realtime manipulation of the sound via the custom control panel.

This project was developed as part of the Laboratórios de Verão 2017 initiative, funded by Fundação Bracara Augusta and promoted by gnration. The 'Digital Music Box' made its public debut at Noite Branca Braga festival 2017, in the heart of Braga's city center - home to our headquarters.

Entertaining and delighting the festival crowd, the overwhelming positive reaction led to a fantastic, memorable weekend for everyone. A joy to interact with, we weren't short of people eager to have their ‘turn’ on our extraordinary instrument.

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Want to create a memorable experience of your own?

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