Traktor Effects Controller app for iOS and Android

TKFX is a Traktor effects controller that delivers full control and manipulation of Traktor effects in a much more powerful and natural way.

Why use knobs and buttons and limit yourself when you can use up to 4 fully expressive XY Pads at the same time, remotely controlling your favorite Traktor effects and its parameters?

With four available banks, TKFX allows you to configure four sets of Traktor effects units, configured with the Traktor effects you use most, letting you have up to sixteen pre-configured combinations to smash with your dj performance.

TKFX Traktor Effects Controller overview

Watch it in action

It couldn't be easier

TKFX Traktor Effects Controller screenshot


  • X/Y pad for intuitve FX control
  • Single or multi FX mode
  • Link function to control all FX units simultanously
  • Hold function
  • BPM Sync
  • Four effect units
  • Four memory banks
  • Single or group mode
  • Wireless or wired USB connection

Also available on phone

Your DJ setup is already too complex for another piece of gear? Your phone is always with you, so why not take the most out of it and run TKFX without any kind of limitation? TKFX’s interface adapts itself to small screen devices, while delivering the same amount of control possibilities!

TKFX Traktor Effects Controller on phone

Missing Piece

A controller specialized in Traktor effects.


Allows you to program the Traktor effects you use most.

Seamless connection

Easy wifi or usb midi connection.