Giorgio Moroder 'Chase' How to make with DRC

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The godfather of disco and the grandfather of dance music are two terms that Italian synthesiser legend Giorgio Moroder is not particularly fond of. Yet these two titles are nothing if not deserved. Take the unforgettable bassline of Donna Summer’s ‘I feel Love’ - now try getting that iconic little masterpiece out of your head for the rest of the day!

Moroder, the seventies synthesizer superstar, has also lent his hands to a few movie scores in his time, and we’re not afraid to use that word ‘iconic’ again, as we nod and doth our cap to THE standout track from Top Gun, Berlin’s ‘Take My Breath Away - yep you guessed it, Moroder is credited as co-writer.

Today’s featured track is from another film score of Giorgio’s, written for the 1978 movie ‘Midnight Express ’ today’s DRC Sound Design Tutorial is for Giorgio Moroder - ‘Chase’.

It's a super packed 22 minutes of sound design, featuring 6 sounds from the track, making use of DRC, plus K7D and DLYM to sculpt the sounds to perfection! In the video Lucas covers two basses, (left and right panned), a flanger pad, the lead, a wind sound, and finally high keys.

DLYM is free of course, but If you don’t yet have DRC or K7D, don’t forget that right now they are HALF PRICE in our November mega sale - everything is! Why not pick up FRMS as well - you could save even more with one of our bundles too!

Click here to download the Ableton project file

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Team Imaginando

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