How to make Survive 'Stranger Things' theme in DRC

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The science fiction horror series ‘stranger things’ is like a love letter to the 80’s. Written and directed by ‘The Duffer Brothers’, the subject matter, the narrative style, the visual and audio style, are all drenched in nostalgia and dripping with atmosphere. Both a tribute and homage to the cinematic styling of that era, the massively successful, award-winning series, draws inspiration from a whole host of pop-culture influences, the most evident being the master of suspense; author Stephen King. The final production title, a source of much debate amongst the brothers, 'Stranger Things' is notably similar to the King novel 'Needful Things'.

The music and soundtrack are a rich mix of original, synth-filled compositions and dare we say 'iconic' 80s pop tracks - some we've even covered as part of 'Iconic Sounds Vol. 1' in this very tutorial series! (Sunglasses at night, Africa).

Covering 4 different sounds from the series main theme in just under 13 minutes, this tutorial sets a new record for each of those stats; our longest video and the total number of sounds covered in a single episode.

As Lucas mentions in the introduction, the original compositions really do contain a massive amount of individual elements in order to build up the layers of atmosphere. We hope the 4 that we have featured inspire you to go deeper and experiment with some additional parts of your own, to further tweak the sonic seasoning to your taste.

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The stranger the better,
Team Imaginando

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