Get the Ableton Live project for 'Iconic Sounds Vol. 1'

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We’ve got a VERY special treat for you this week. By popular demand, we’ve compiled a FREE Ableton Live set, containing all the DRC MIDI clips from our YouTube DRC sound design tutorial series.

Each MIDI clip contains program data, so when the clip is triggered, DRC changes to the required preset/patch from the ‘Iconic Sounds Vol. 1’ sound bank. As each song from the series has a different tempo, we’ve also added tempo change automation to the scene/row play buttons; simply launch the scene and Ableton’s host tempo will automatically update to the correct BPM.

Whilst implementing this we found and fixed a small bug which could cause the wrong patch to be loaded. Please make sure you are running the latest version of DRC available to download from our website.

Click here to download the latest version of DRC

We believe the result is a MASSIVE amount of FUN! (We’ve collectively clocked up a fair amount of time playing around in Ableton with this set ourselves) :D

We truly believe this to be the ultimate show of DRC’s quality and versatility, all wrapped up in one awesome package.

As always, we stand by the mantra 'Hearing Is Believing' - so why not grab the Ableton Live project, and give it a go? We promise you won’t be disappointed…

Click here to download the Ableton Live project

From Portugal with passion,
Team Imaginando

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