Yazoo 'Don't Go' - How to make with DRC

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Vince Clarke is a synthesizer superstar. It’s fair to say we are big fans, as is evidenced by Lucas referring to Clarke as a “genius” right at the very start of today’s video! Before becoming one half of synth-pop legends Erasure, he was part of the almighty Depeche Mode, back when their sound was more electropop heavy, with the band’s iconic hit ‘Just Can’t Get Enough’ just one of the tracks he wrote for the group’s ‘Speak and Spell’ album.

In between leaving Depeche Mode and forming Erasure, Clarke struck up a partnership with singer Alison Moyet, for another successful synthpop project - ‘Yazoo’. The duo were only active for a couple of years, producing just two albums together, but they weren’t short of hits however. Clarke’s natural ear for a melody, orchestrated with the exciting and futuristic new sound of synthesizers, combined with Moyet’s rich, soulful vocals, produced two memorable classic synthpop hits of the 80’s; ‘Only You’ and today’s featured track ‘Don’t Go’.

After less than two years together, Clarke and Moyet went their separate ways, an amicable split between the pair, the duo have since reunited for various performances together, including a tour to celebrate a box-set re-release of their two albums, 25 years later.

In today’s DRC Sound Design Tutorial, Lucas flexes his fine skills by recreating five sounds from ‘Don’t Go’; The bass, two leads, arpeggio and the swell transition/build sound.

Click here to download the Ableton project file.

Best synth player ever? We’re convinced,
Team Imaginando

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