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Wilhelm Scream FRMS tutorial

The countdown to Halloween has begun! It’s ‘spooky season’ and we got some treats for the most haunting of holidays. We start today with a unique FRMS From Scratch: it’s the first one that you don’t need to record anything!

For the first time ever in this series Lucas used someone else's sample! When it comes to iconic movie sound effects, in the world of screams, the absolute peak of shrieks is the ‘Wilhelm Scream’. So today, Lucas joins the long list of people to have referenced and included it in their life’s works.

Well-known to industry insiders and movie buffs (and well heard by, but not always recognised by the masses) the ‘Wilhelm Scream’ was first used in 1951 in the movie ‘Distant Drums’, then appeared soon after in ‘The Charge at Feather River’ (1953). And ever since it has appeared in countless films and huge franchises such as ‘Star Wars’, ‘Indiana Jones’, ‘The Simpsons’, ‘Breaking Bad’ and ‘Games of Thrones’. You can also hear this terrifying scream in video games like ‘Red Dead Redemption’ and ‘Grand Theft Auto V’.

Although in the original movie that the sound was made for, the sound mean to be a "man being eaten by alligator", the description of this horrifying shout was eventually updated and incorporated into the most diverse films and media that you can imagine (around 400 media). Actually, nobody knows exactly from whom this scream belongs. According to our investigation, it’s very likely to be Sheb Wooley, since he was one of the actors that recorded additional ‘pick-up’ vocal sound elements for the ‘Distant Drums’ movie. For this quick eerie tutorial, you just need to open your FRMS - Granular Synthesizer and get this public domain with no copyright, creepy sound for yourself!

Don't have nightmares,
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