Space 'Magic Fly' - How to make with DRC

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Space - Magic Fly - how to make with DRC

‘Space - the final frontier...’ Don’t worry we’re not about to launch into a full-on Star Trek monologue, instead we’re going to use that snippet of iconic television dialogue as the launchpad to blast off into the world of space and science, as a source of musical inspiration.

In terms of relevant band names, one seventies disco-electro group that truly nails it is the French band ‘Space’. Not to be confused with the nineties British indie band of the same name, however upon listening to both, it is immediately obvious which one is heavily inspired by all things astronomy.

Sitting somewhere between Jean-Michel Jarre and Daft Punk, listening to ‘Magic Fly’ nowadays is a nostalgic trip down synthesizer lane, but when it was released back in 1977, it must have seemed almost as futuristic as space travel itself.

Didier Marouani, the founder of the band Space, has always had a keen interest in space exploration and science fiction, and cites seeing the 1969 moon landing on TV as an ‘unreal’ and ‘amazing’ experience. He later got the chance to write the theme music for the French space themed TV show ‘Temps X’ which dealt with both fictional and factual science content.

For such an epic theme, this week’s DRC Sound Design Tutorial is suitably epic in content also, containing a total of 10 different sounds, as Lucas boldly goes where no sound designer has gone before! Follow along with the video and join us for an intergalactic exploration of sound design.

Click here to download the Ableton project file.

From our very own Lucas Skywalker,
Team Imaginando

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