Making money moves | FRMS Granular Synthesis Tutorial

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Making money moves FRMS tutorial

Money isn’t everything but it comes in handy. It doesn't buy happiness but it buys things that make us happy (our music products, for example). Today we are going to see what money is made of, or at least what it sounds like. With two simple objects, a 50-cent coin and a metal plate: is it possible to make cheap money into a sound of millions?

Lucas is taking his sound design skills for another spin, this time literally, with the spin of a coin and by creating the world’s cheapest makeshift gong using just a metal tray and the knuckles of his magic fingers. So it’s kind of the opposite of heavy metal, and in no way related to the hip-hop stylings of a certain 50 cent. (We may have chanted “go shorty, it’s your birthday” to encourage Lucas - but this was cut from the final video!)

From scratch to your patch, discover with Lucas what it takes to make an extremely rich sound with so little. Of course, you’ll need some help from our granular beast FRMS - Granular Synthesizer to open your mind and dig into the depths of your imagination to find the perfect sound for today's patch. 

You know how it goes: open your FRMS, get your sounds, and dive into the marvellous world of granular sound magical tricks.

Putting money into sound banks,
Team Imaginando

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