Jamie XX - 'Gosh' How to make the bass kick with DRC

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Imaginando’s ethos, mission statement and brand identity are all built on a solid foundation of imagination, inspiration and creativity. With this is mind, we love to see interesting, creative and unique music videos which dare to dream or ‘do something different’.

Pieces of art in their own right, any departure from the standard shot of a band, simply lip-syncing their vocals for 3 minutes, is a welcome experience, and sometimes a cinematic treat.

Such is the case with this week’s tune of choice: ‘Gosh’ by the artist ‘Jamie xx’. Directed by Romain Gavras and at the time of writing, approaching 6 million views on YouTube, it is actually the second video to be commissioned for the track.

The message behind the strange narrative is open to interpretation, but it feels like that epic bass kick could be the call of a siren, an audio magnet of sorts, pulling the people towards its source.

For most music artists who use samples, the mindset is ‘sample first, worry about any potential legal stuff if/when it happens’. But what do you do if you have no idea whom the voice belongs to? Jamie’s record label found themselves in this very situation when it emerged that the audio was taken from a 20-year-old national radio jingle, which was never actually aired! Tracking down the MC in question, required some extensive detective work - not exactly “easy-easy!”

Hold it down, Hold it down,
Team Imaginando

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