Introducing K7D - Tape Delay

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Today we are excited and proud to introduce you to a brand new product from Imaginando, with the launch of our latest effects plugin for both Desktop and iOS: K7D - Tape Delay

Born out of our deep-seated love of all things analog, we've used our meticulous methods of detailed emulation to recreate the classic sound of vintage hardware delays, with a modern twist of updated features and design.

To ensure an authentic and realistic analog sound, we’ve once again focused our research and analysis on all the little irregularities and imperfections that tape delay introduces along the entire signal path.

Here’s a look at the key features:

- 1ms to 1 sec. dual-playhead, analog-modeled delay with noise, tape distortion and mechanical vibration models
- Input with pre-amp saturation and optimized gain staging and saturation algorithms for very musical results
- Normal and Ping Pong modes
- Delay time spread between heads and stereo width control
- High pass and Low pass filter on feedback path
- Powerful LFO bipolar time modulation with multiple waveforms (sine, triangular, saw, square, sample and hold and filtered sample and hold) and possibility of inverted LFO phase on second play head (for added stereo imaging)
- Delay time syncable with BPM and possibility of delay time modulation via incoming midi notes
- Oscilloscope visualisation of audio waveform and LFO waveform

Designed to be flexible and versatile with a concentrated set of features presented in a stylish, easy to use interface, K7D is an affordable plugin which represents excellent value for money.

K7D launches on both iOS and Desktop today 06/05/2019 with a special introductory offer available at launch.

We look forward to bringing you more great things in 2019,
Team Imaginando

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