How to make the sounds from Pachanga Boys 'Time' with DRC

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‘A German DJ and a Mexican DJ walk into a recording studio’ - don’t worry, this is not the setup to a corny joke, rather it is the story of the creation of tech-house duo ‘Pachanga Boys’. The German half being ‘Superpitcher’ Aksel Schaufler, and the Mexican half being ‘Rebolledo’ Mauricio Rebolledo. Together for just under a decade now, Pachanga Boys began back in 2010 when the pair met at a gig in Cologne, Germany, and discovered a shared love of the eccentric, a desire to be different and a passion to make the world a better place, which planted the seed for their own unique brand of ‘Hippie Dance’ to emerge and grow.

Now the name of their record label, Hippie Dance is their take on the dancefloor and how to playfully inject some love, joy and personality onto it and sneak in some house beats while they are at it. Or as the duo themselves put it, they have ‘something simple and beautiful to say’ about ‘love, joy and being touched by life’.

Originally a B-side, today’s featured track ‘Time’ is a dreamy kind of nostalgic trip, at 15 minutes long you could even get nostalgic about the track itself by the time the needle finishes riding the groove. Get in the groove yourself as Lucas breaks down the organ, pad, bass and background sound in this week’s DRC Sound Design Tutorial.

Click here to download the Ableton project file

Hippie New Year,
Team Imaginando

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