How to make The Chemical Brothers 'Wide Open' synth and keys sounds in DRC

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In 2015 The Chemical Brothers released their 8th studio album ‘Born in the Echoes’ with several tracks featuring guest vocals from a diverse selection of artists. The English duo defied common collaboration conventions however, by omitting the artist credit in each case. Whilst the pitched up vocal on the album’s second single ‘Go’ is not too difficult to identify as Q-Tip (having previously worked together on the 2004 hit single ‘Galvanize’) the singer of the album’s closing track ‘Wide open’ can be a little trickier to place.

The artist in question is of course Beck, who was eventually named as a featured artist when The Chemical Brothers released the beautiful and visually stunning music video ‘Wide Open Ft. Beck’ in January 2016. Featuring a solo dance choreographed by Wayne McGregor and performed by Sonoya Mizuno, the cutting edge CGI effects are made even more impressive by the use of one, long, continuous shot - a single take, no edits.

The Chemical Brothers have a bit of a passion for creating interesting and unique videos for their tracks, working with directorial partnership Dom & Nic for other tracks such as ‘Believe’ and ‘The Salmon Dance’, and teaming up with Michel Gondry for the subtly synced audio visuals of ‘Star Guitar.’

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Click here to download the Ableton project file.

Beck with another one of those block rockin’ beats,
Team Imaginando

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