How to make the bass from SBTRKT 'Wildfire' in DRC

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Throughout the history of dance music the concept of anonymity has played many different roles. Back in the glory days of vinyl, to prevent others from discovering their killer tracks, some DJ’s hid the identity of the records they were playing, by covering up the artist and track name with stickers. Anonymity is also one of the most powerful tools for defense and protection in the ‘free party’ scene, more commonly known as illegal raves. Producers themselves can also use the power of anonymity to try new directions in music, by releasing experimental material under a fake name, or pseudonym, in case it isn’t well received by their usual audience.

Whilst English DJ and producer SBTRKT doesn’t deny the last example, his spin on the reason for attempting to stay anonymous goes a little deeper into his mindset and work ethic. This ties into the artist name too, with SBTRKT being a reference to subtracting himself from his music, to ‘let the music speak for itself’.

When performing, SBTRKT wears native ceremonial inspired masks, which come from the designer and artist ‘A Hidden Place’ who also prides themselves on being anonymous. At Bestival in 2011, cardboard recreations of one mask were handed out to the crowd - a spectacular and novel visual for a DJ to look out on!

This week we take an in-depth look at the hot bass line sound from SBTRKT’s 2011 track ‘Wildfire’

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