How to make the bass, back and lead sounds from Kollectiv Turmstrasse 'Sorry I Am late' in DRC

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The evolution of audio technology is constantly providing new ways for DJ’s and artists to interact with, remix, play and perform electronic music. Digital DJ controllers offer many more creative possibilities than a pair of standard vinyl turntables, and software like Ableton has revolutionised live performances.

If you want to evolve as a DJ or artist, embracing new technology and trying something new can open up some interesting avenues to explore, and give you a break from the fatigue of familiarity.

For Christian Hilscher and Nico Plagemann, more commonly known as Hamburg/Berlin duo Kollektiv Turmstrasse, freedom to explore and adapt their live performances is key to their success and enjoyment. When you’ve got over a thousand clips to choose from, it’s almost certain that no two gigs are going to be the same. Crafting a unique experience every time, connecting with a crowd, gives a feeling of inclusivity with heightened emotions and an appreciation of living in the moment.

Today we’re focusing on their production skills in our DRC Sound Design Tutorial for the bass, back and lead parts from their track ‘Sorry I Am late', but If you fancy controlling Ableton Live using a phone or tablet device, why not give LK a go?! Get it on Android here and on iOS here.

Click here to download the Ableton project file

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