How to make the bass and pad sounds from Nathan Fake 'Outhouse' with DRC

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Back in November of 2018 we took on the bass and keys sounds from Nathan Fake’s ‘The Sky Is Pink’, and today we’re going all the way back to his first ever release on the Border Community label, ‘Outhouse’.

Released in 2003, Outhouse was championed by label boss James Holden and was heard across dance floors globally, before its November Border Community vinyl pressing. The ‘Main Mix’ is a generous ten and a half minutes long, with a couple of breakdowns offering creative flexibility when it comes to mixing it into sets. That’s a luxury you don’t get with modern day five minute EDM tracks!

With space for each phase to breathe and develop, the overarching narrative of the track can be easily appreciated with minimum effort. The opening is quite tribal, rhythmic congas draw you in with their growing delay and a bassline with the stealth of a ninja appears before you realise. The hypnotic whining and droning of the pads/synths LFOs are prevented from putting you in a completely sedative trance-like state by the drilling bass, pushing and prodding you forward. The interaction between these two opposing forces is what holds your interest throughout, just like a captivating story; the Jekyll and Hyde off techno.

Learn how to create the bass and pad sounds from Nathan Fake - ‘Outhouse’ for yourself, with this week’s DRC Sound Design Tutorial video.

Click here to download the Ableton project file.

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