How to make the bass and arpeggio sounds from Siriusmo - 'Femuscle' in DRC

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As a professional artist, it’s good to have a variety of skills at your disposal, to make sure that you’re never short of work and your bills always get paid every month. Someone who has really got this locked down is this week’s guest artist Moritz Friedrich aka Siriusmo, who is in the enviable position of being a talented producer of both music and graphic illustration. Such versatility could be the reason why since 2001 he’s been called upon to perform remix duties for the likes of Scissor Sisters, Boys Noize, Simian Mobile Disco and Moderat to name a few.

Without any context, the name Siriusmo sounds almost Japanese, but in fact, it originates from the name of the band Moritz was a former member of, ‘Sirius’. He left the band, added the ‘mo’ and the rest is history. (Moritz is actually German of course, born in yes, you guessed it, Berlin!)

Today we’re looking at ‘Femuscle’ from the mammoth 42 track compilation album ‘Pearls & Embarrassments 2000-2010’, which brought a decade of his vinyl singles onto a digital format for the very first time, in 2011. Another great bass and arpeggio combo video, we show you how to create both sounds in just over 5 minutes with DRC.

Click here to download the Ableton project file

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