How to make the bass and arpeggio from KiNK - 'Cloud Generator' in DRC

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In today’s interconnected world of digital downloads and access to streaming services anywhere you can get a phone signal, it’s easy to take music for granted. Rapidly clicking through an endless selection of MP3s on sites like Beatport, feels almost robotic in comparison to the tangible experience and excitement of listening to a stack of random vinyl at your local record shop and discovering a classic.

When Bulgarian DJ and producer Strahil Velchev, better known as ‘KiNK’, first started shopping for vinyl in 1989, the concept of choice was subjective, as the government pretty much decided for you, with tight control of what slim selection was available.

Coincidentally, it was serving his Country which enabled Velchev to start experimenting with music production, thanks to some creative use of the army computers he had access to at the time. Being resourceful was not only a habit, it was also a necessity; with only 16 megabytes of RAM on his first computer, Velchev turned to the weird and wonderful software DAW ‘Buzz’ by Jeskola.

While our computers have become massively more powerful since then, there’s still a lot to be said for getting the most out of your studio setup, DRC included! With that in mind, this week we show you how to make the bass and arpeggio from KiNK’s 2015 track ‘Cloud Generator’.

Click here to download the Ableton project file

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