How to make Moullinex 'Kelvin Wake Pattern' with DRC

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Moullinex 'Kelvin Wake Pattern'

As part of our DRC Sound Design Tutorial series, we don’t just bring you classic, iconic sounds from back in the day, we also bring you some possible iconic sounds of the future, courtesy of Lucas' choice picks and also from viewer suggestions of course. This week we’re hot on the heels of one of our favourite releases of 2021 so far, with the track ‘Kelvin Wake Pattern’ by Moullinex, from his recently released album ‘Requiem for Empathy’.

Our very own home-grown hero, ‘Requiem for Empathy’ is the fourth studio album by Lisbon based producer, dj and multi-instrumentalist Luis Clara Gomes, AKA Moullinex. As Lucas mentions in the video, it’s an album that he (and we all!) recommend, for a sublime journey through dark and deep dance music, coupled with just the right amount of percussive elements to draw you in and keep you hypnotised.

For this week’s video we’re concentrating on the album’s second track, ‘Kelvin Wake Pattern’, where breakbeat meets techno in a funky electronic collision. Now we’re obviously not going to try to recreate the track’s warbling woodwind/sultry saxophone sounds, but we do have a trio of techno synths to sink your sound design teeth into, as Lucas takes on the bass, pad and lead sounds.

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Click here to download the Ableton project file.

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