How to make MIDI CC automation with LK

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MIDI CC Automation on LK (AUv3) and AUM

In addition to giving you several ways to control MIDI CC parameters, LK now supports MIDI clip automation of CC values, as both a standalone app and AUv3 plugin, for use with iOS DAWs such as AUM.

In today’s YouTube video we show you Matrix module’s brand new automation editor for MIDI clips, and how to assign and control CC parameters in real time with Controller module.

The automation editor is accessible via a new horizontal bar at the bottom of LK’s composer section, indicated by the draggable == control, which can also be quickly shown or hidden by tapping to the left or right of the == control.

In the video you can watch us create a new automation lane, assign the CC parameter we want to automate, and then add some nodes to change the value accordingly as the clip plays. Then we show you how to control CC parameters using LK’s Controller module, assigning synth cut off filters to rotary dials and track volumes to vertical faders.

We recently updated the LK product manual with all the details, but if you can't wait to give MIDI clip automation a go yourself, carry on reading for all the info you need to get started!

The automation editor

To create and edit automations, first you'll have to add a new automation lane. This can be done by clicking on the "plus" icon at the bottom left. Here you will have the option to choose one of several properties to create MIDI automations for.

When a new lane is added you will be able to do the following actions:

  • Create - Tap any empty space in the automations zone to create a node
  • Delete - Tap any existing node to delete it
  • Drag - Drag a node to change its value (vertical) and position (horizontal/time). Drag a line to change the vertical value of the connecting nodes at the same time.

When creating nodes, their x axis position (time) in the automation zone are related to the same position above in the composer notes area. So, if you change the composer viewport, the automation view will change accordingly. You can zoom in composer view, to fine tune the automation.

On the left, you have a list with your active automation lanes, so you can change which one you want to view and interact. Bare in mind that only one automation lane will be available to edit at each time.

Bellow this list there are the following icons:

  • Plus - Add a new automation lane.
  • Cross - Delete the selected automation lane (and its nodes).
  • Pencil - Enable/disable draw mode. Pressing and sliding will create nodes with its position snapped to the current composer grid division.
  • Eraser - Enable/disable eraser. Pressing and sliding will delete the nodes at a given position.

When a clip is playing, automation MIDI messages will be sent to the midi output device and channel of the parent track.

MIDI clip automation is currently only supported when using LK Matrix in MIDI mode, not LIVE mode.

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