How to make MGMT - 'Little Dark Age' with DRC

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How to make MGMT 'Little Dark Age' with DRC

TikTok sure is a strange new medium in which to be creative. As the way the world consumes content evolves and the form of that content morphs into new kinds of media, TikTok is a powerful tool, if only for exposure if nothing else.

Why the random TikTok lecture? Well, this week’s DRC Sound Design Tutorial track has experienced the full effect of being the soundtrack to bonafide TikTok viral craze, as it has provided the backdrop for many users performing (attempting?) the ‘Renaissance Challenge’. As with most TikTok viral ‘challenges’, this one makes little sense, other than the concept being to recreate the poses of renaissance art paintings. The factor linking all of the videos is the common choice of audio bed: MGMT’s ‘Little Dark Age’.

The soundtrack serves mainly to signpost familiarity of the format, and to that end could just as easily be any other random song, so long as it is adopted by everyone attempting the meme.

In MGMT’s case, it brought their music to a whole new audience in 2020 when the Renaissance challenge went viral across TikTok, the digital single originally released in 2017 as part of the band’s album of the same name.

This week it's another bumper sound design video, with Lucas breaking down two basses, an arpeggio, a gated pad and brass sounds.

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