How to make Depeche Mode 'Just Can't Get Enough with DRC

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The 1980’s was the decade that really helped defined synth-pop; it was new, exciting, futuristic and most importantly, it was cool. A whole host of electronic artists emerged, the UK providing a good proportion of the talent with bands such as New Order, Soft Cell and Erasure. Today’s track was actually written by one half of Erasure, Vince Clarke, during his brief time writing and performing with his previous band Depeche Mode. It was the final single Clarke wrote for the group, leaving the band in November 1981 just 2 months after it was released.

‘Just Can’t Get Enough’ was the second single taken from the band’s debut album ‘Speak and Spell’ and the first of theirs to reach the top 10 in the UK singles chart. Reportedly inspired by ‘To Cut a Long Story Short’ by Spandau Ballet, it was Clarke’s desire to write fundamentally pop driven songs, as opposed to fellow band song writer Martin Gore who had much more of an interest in rock music, that fueled the decision to leave so early on.

As a pop song, ‘Just Can’t Get Enough’ ticks a lot of boxes in terms of structure and content. A simple but catchy synth hook and plenty of ‘call and response’ karaoke participation of the track’s title throughout, leads to a classic, memorable hit.

As always, you can check out the Ableton project file from the video using the link below.

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