DRC v2.4.0 - Important Update

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We take pride in the quality of all the software we produce, and for our synthesizers that means we want to create instruments that sound awesome. This is a continuous process, development doesn’t stop at launch, we revise and refine the code and release updates so our users get the best sound, performance and overall experience as possible.

No software is perfect though, and we recently found a couple of bugs which had crept into DRC. 

We discovered a minor crackling sound present when modulating reverb. To identify the root cause, we looked through previous versions of DRC, to find one without the issue. Upon comparing the two versions side by side, we realised the older version sounded much more powerful and saturated. This led us to identify that the problem was in the saturation stage. We also discovered the delay effect processing had inadvertently become mono when it should be stereo.

By fixing these bugs, the result is a return to DRC’s more punchy, saturated sound. Depending on the sounds that you have created with previous versions, you may feel that some of them now have too much saturation, which can be easily solved by simply reducing the amount of PRE-GAIN.

DRC v2.4.0 is available to download for PC and Mac from our website, for iOS from the App Store, and for Android from Google Play.

We hope you enjoy this latest version of DRC.

Hearing is believing,
Team Imaginando

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