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Note: When running DRC, login on your profile account to activate your purchased license. If you have not purchased a license, the application will run in demo mode with preset and project state saving disabled.

10/05/2017 - 1.1.6

- Fixed a bug in arpeggiator random mode that would prevent randomness with zero steps
- Color of section's main label is now the same as highlight color for better UX

10/05/2017 - 1.1.5

- Fixed bug that would cause state not to be restored on some computers
- Fixed bug that would cause a crash on iOS versions below 10
- Fixed bug that would cause DRC to crash when loaded from Modstep

05/05/2017 - 1.1.4

- New sound bank "Factory Expansion"
- New sound bank "Sounds From Outer Space"
- Background Audio option is now off by default
- Implemented Polyphonic Aftertouch support
- Implemented Midi Out Channel support (settings panel)
- Implemented fail safe case when loading projects where saved patch had no parameters
- Implemented mobile remote support on Windows
- Fixed a bug that would cause Factory Expansion bank unavailability on desktop versions
- Fixed a bug that would cause DRC VST sound engine to crash while navigating patches on same daw's
- Fixed a bug that would cause incoherence on radio buttons across presets (eg: OSC modulation)

03/03/2017 - 1.1.3

- Fixed bug that would prevent interaction with DAW when DRC window was moved when open

17/02/2017 - 1.1.2

- Check for read/write external storage permissions at startup (Android).
- Enabled back button (Android).
- Removed high quality audio setting. Now enabled Enabled by default (Android).
- Fixed bug that would prevent using password with special char or upper case chars.
- Fixed bug that would cause DRC to crash on some systems during initialization.
- Fixed bug that would prevent a correct initialization on FL Studio, resulting in no sound.

10/02/2017 - 1.1.1

- New profile section
- Improved choice button interaction
- Added pitch and mod wheel to phone's keyboard

5/01/2017 - 1.1.0

- Fixed a bug that would trigger three notes with a single note press from a external midi controller (iOS only).
- Fixed a bug that would cause a single touch to activate two chord keys at the same time.
- Fixed a bug that would prevent Factory Expansion bank from being persisted across sessions.
- Fixed a bug that would cause a slider to "jump" when first touched causing an unwanted value change.
- Fixed a bug that prevent midi channel filter from working correctly.

20/12/2016 - 1.0.9

- New Factory Expansion bank in-app purchase
- Added sustain pedal support.
- Improved Chorder section.
- Improved Keyboard section on-screen keyboard touch handling and added the ability to add/remove keys while in hold mode. Added root key support.
- Fixed a bug that would cause note releases not being handled properly in mono mode.
- Fixed a bug that was causing VCA panel to behave like MOD panel on FILTER section.
- Fixed a bug that would cause status bar combobox to float around.

5/09/2016 - 1.0.8

- Fixes a bug that would prevent purchases from being persisted
- Fixes a bug in the arpeggiator

31/08/2016 - 1.0.7

- Fixes a bug that would cause some 3rd party sequencer notes not to be played (eg: Modstep) (iOS)
- Fixed a bug that would cause the keyboard to pop in and out (Android)
- General UI/UX improvements, specially on smaller screens
- Improved slider operators range
- Improved settings menu, with scrollbar and better touch handling
- Midi learn function is now located on status bar
- New selection mode for multi option buttons for fewer clicks
- Ability to remote control DRC VST
- General bugfixes and enhancements

18/07/2016 - 1.0.6

- Fixed bug that would prevent from DRC to be opened by Interapp audio hosts, causing a crash

11/07/2016 - 1.0.5

- Last preset state is now automatically preserved
- Fixes a bug that prevented in-app keyboard velocity to be used
- Fixed the way velocity modulation affects amplitude and filter
- Program change and bank select support
- Improved sliders graphics
- MIDI devices can now be toggled active/inactive
- Improved MIDI assignment and its interaction with panel buttons
- Pitch and mod wheel now send MIDI out

15/05/2016 - 1.0.4

- Fixes a bug that would cause the app to crash after some random number of jumps between inter-app audio apps
- Implements native midi on android
- Significant performance improvements

30/04/2016 - 1.0.3

- Fixed a bug that would cause Arpeggiator and MIDI to lost sync while app was transition
- Fixed a bug that would MIDI Clock Out send to hang the device

22/04/2016 - 1.0.2

- Performance improvements
- Improved Ableton Link integration
- Added compass progress bar under IAA transport controls
- Added the ability to individually select which midi channels are active for input
- Added value feedback when changing knobs or faders
- Fixed bug that disabled Ableton Link when switching apps back and forth
- Fixed bug that miscalculated keyboard follow ratio (causing a crash when Chorder was used in conjuntcion with KBA on Delay)
- Fixed bug that caused status bar items to continue in a checked state after being automatically closed by timeout
- Fixed bug that prevented bank icons button to change color according to brightness mode
- Fixed bug that would cause a bad handling of mono mode resulting in awkward results
- Fixed bug that would cause clicks when modulating delay time with lfo
- Fixed bug that would prevent frezzing a track in Cubasis, Auria and other hosts

24/03/2016 - 1.0.1

- Added master volume meter
- Performance improvements
- Added transport controls for IAA (iOS only)
- Added visual feedback on +/- minus chorder buttons
- Added current octave visual indication to chorder
- Fixed bug that would cause a stuck note when using Chorder and the finger was lifted outside the strum area
- Fixed bug that prevented receiving midi control changes from other channel than 1
- Fixed bug that prevented from correctly increasing voices number under app settings
- Fixed bug on caused erratic behaviour on pitch bend down
- Fixed bug that caused a stuck note if arp was disabled while arp note was playing
- Fixed bug that prevented patches from being saved on Android
- Chorder and keyboard now send MIDI out
- Fixed bug that prevented DRC loading as in-app audio on Cubasis (iOS)
- Fixed bug that prevent app from proposing tempo to Ableton Link sessions (iOS)
- Fixed bug that would override link session tempo when browsing patches (iOS)
- Prevented from showing Ableton Link settings option on iOS version prior to 8.0 (iOS)
- Aims to fix crash on start up on some Android devices (Android)
- Aims to fix crash on exit on some Android devices (Android)

10/03/2016 - 1.0.0

- Initial Release