Boris Brejcha 'Sad But True' How to make with DRC

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Boris Brejcha 'Sad But True' How to make with DRC

In the music industry if you really want to make a name for yourself, to stand out and be heard, you need to innovate, bring something new and interesting to the turntables. One step further than pursuing a certain style, German DJ and producer Boris Brejcha set out to define an entire genre of his own; "High-Tech Minimal“. Ironically born out of a frustration of genre specific pigeon holes, categorising sub-genres to the nth degree and the debates which inevitably ensued as to precisely which box he belongs, defining an entirely new genre seems like a genius solution.

Shifting between minimal techno and trancey melodies, it’s easy to see the benefits of the freedom to produce in a multitude of directions depending on your mood, and this is indeed the way Boris sees it. Music driven by emotion, translated into sound with the use of a few trusty, favourite synthesizers, whatever form it ends up taking.

Djing and performance wise, in a similar vein to larger-than-life mask wearers Deadmau5 and Marshmello, Boris shows off his love of south America with his carnival ‘joker mask’ inspired from his early shows in Brazil, hinting at a more flamboyant side.

Ever the innovator, even in these challenging times, Boris has just announced a set of three special live stream performances for three different time zones, with tickets exclusively available online.

For this week’s DRC Sound Design tutorial Lucas takes a look at Boris’ 2016 track ‘Sad But True’ recreating four sounds from the track; bass, pad, lead and percussive sound.

Click here to download the Ableton project file.

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