Balloony Tunes | FRMS Granular Synthesis Tutorial

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Balloony Tunes | FRMS Granular Synthesis Tutorial

At Imaginando we don’t just end the week in a party mood, we like to start it that way too. Normally, our love of a stylish, minimalist environment in which to be our creative best, prevents unnecessary cluttering of the workplace with kitsch decorations and frivolities commonplace at kids' birthday parties, but as Lucas was especially good last week, we let him have a balloon today! (we are all just big kids here really, but don’t tell anyone; we’ve worked hard to build this solid reputation of being so effortlessly cool people…)

We don’t want to inflate his ego or anything, but our main man “Patch Master” Palmeira can turn pretty much any noise into a noteworthy patch, so he wanted something that would ‘up’ the ante in terms of the challenge, and suddenly out of nowhere, something popped into his mind; the humble party balloon.

Now admittedly, at the time of recording, it’s fair to say that we had some doubts, based on the strange and quite disturbing noises emanating from across the studio; they are interesting and unique samples for sure, but could they actually become something? Not one to breathe the pressure, Lucas wasn’t ready to declare his bubble had burst just yet, as he calmly carried on - exhale, exhale, exhale!

A testament to the rewards of persistence, don’t be discouraged if your recordings are a little odd. Something may sound weird while you are sampling it, but with the transformative power pairing of granular and FM synthesis under the hood of FRMS, the possibilities are endless.

But what about the end result? What do you think of the final patch? Love it or hate it; let us know - we can take it.

By popular demand, we’ve included a link to the sample Lucas used - so have fun playing around with that!

Click here to download the sample used in the video

From deflated to elated, 
Team Imaginando

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