Sound design tutorial with FRMS and an electric guitar

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Lucas from Imaginando showing how to use FRMS granular synthesizer with an electric guitar

In our latest FRMS ‘from scratch’ tutorial, we really have gone back to basics and stripped things back, using just an electric guitar as our starting point. In this video we’re looking at the possibilities of bringing a little FM synthesis into the mix, a crucial part of this being the amount. While FRMS is capable of some crazy, rich and complicated soundscapes, Lucas’s mellow guitar samples require a more delicate touch for today’s video.

Looking at the response to the videos in this series, we’re delighted at how well received they have been in general, and what the community are getting out of them. We thought we’d clarify again our idea behind the series, and how it guides our approach to sound design.

In all of the videos from this series, we don’t have an ‘end goal’ of any particular sound that we are hoping to create, rather it is more a journey for both the viewer and ourselves as we explore FRMS to see where it takes us. This of course does involve a little ‘trial and error’ and this is evident where Lucas tries something, ultimately to change his mind if he thinks something else sounds better.

We’re hoping to inspire you to take these journeys of sound design discovery yourself and in doing so discover and learn all of the amazing possibilities hidden inside FRMS’ layers.

Team Imaginando

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