Our YouTube Journey - The road to 5K

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YouTube has come a long way since it started back in 2005, quickly snapped up by Google its growth has been gargantuan. There is now over 500 hours of new video content uploaded to the platform every single minute. At Imaginando we love a good statistic, so we were both pleased and proud to see our YouTube subscriber count edge pass the 5000 mark this month. (If you haven’t yet subscribed, do it now! Ring the bell, smash some like buttons, say hello in the comments - all that good stuff)

We haven’t done any challenges involving cinnamon or ice buckets, and we certainly haven’t done any ‘epic pranks’. Our content is designed to inspire and motivate, from sound design and music production tutorials to creative art projects and hardware builds; combining music, technology and art is at the heart of everything we do, and share with you. So take a virtual trip with us down memory lane, as we look back on our YouTube journey so far.

After some general tutorials about how to get certain types of sound out of DRC such as a kick drum or moog bass, the idea for our first ‘series’ was born. Focusing on one particular track each week, our DRC Sound Design Tutorials has quickly built up an ever growing library of ‘Iconic Sounds’ which can all be recreated with DRC. The diversity of the source material has been key to showing off the versatility and power of DRC, and we’ve covered all manner of genres and styles in almost 100 videos so far.

As Lucas explains in some of the videos, we try to get as close as possible to the original sounds, not necessarily identical, although several YouTube content ID and copyright claims tell us when we get it spot on! (We recently smashed our own record for the amount of locations that a single video of ours is blocked in, with our tutorial for Noir & Haze 'Around' currently unavailable in 242 countries!)

One of our mantras here at Imaginando is that we are always learning, something we set out to demonstrate with our ambitious project ‘Digital Music Box’. Not just the technical design challenges involved in the build process, but also honing our video production skills at the same time by vlogging the whole process video diary style, as it happened. We have to salute the motivation, creativity, blood sweat and tears that Nuno put into this crazy feat of design and engineering, while managing to smile for the camera. The final video in the series, Digital Music Box - The Premiere’ shot outside our old office in Braga, is full of beautiful cinematography and fond memories.

This year also saw us jump into the world of live streaming, after moving Imaginando into our current creative headquarters, with the launch of ‘LFO Sessions’ - where we invite a guest DJ to spin 2 hours of music, Live From our Office. We really enjoyed the first two sessions, with music courtesy of King Fu and Lukkas, and a great community vibe in the live chat from you guys.

We’re not looking to be YouTube’s next Andrew Huang or Pewdiepie, we’re just really grateful to be able to share a little slice of the Imaginando life with everyone. Roll on 10K subscribers!

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Team Imaginando

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