Meet LK's redesigned Clip Composer

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Hi Everyone,

We have an ambitious year planned for LK in 2019, with updates and improvements plus some great new features too, and today we kick things off with the release of LK version 1.4.0.

This update contains some ‘under the hood’ engine changes which improve performance and communication accuracy, providing a better overall experience across all of LK’s modules. We’ve tweaked the appearance of the UI too, to bring it in line with our other products for consistency and continuity.

The most significant update regarding functionality and usability is the newly redesigned ‘Clip Composer’, which is part of MATRIX module. Our goal was to find a better way to interact with the MIDI clip editor when using a touchscreen, and ultimately we set out to create something that feels ‘intuitive’.

New gesture-based controls make navigating and editing clips much easier; you don't need to keep changing tools, you can switch between any of the following actions with ease:

Note editing
Create a note: Press to set the location, then slide right to set duration.
Delete a note: Tap it.
Move a single note: Drag the centre of the note and release at new location
Select multiple notes: Press and hold to draw a rectangle (all notes inside the rectangle become selected)
Move selected notes: Drag any selected note
Clear selection: tap any empty space on the grid
Adjust note duration: Drag the right edge of notes to change the end point

Zoom: Pinch to zoom on both X and Y axis simultaneously, or drag the clip overview vertically.
Loop markers: Drag the start and end loop markers to change loop location and duration

We have also released a new version of UBRIDGE 1.2.0 featuring an updated control surface 2.7, (required for LK loop marker functionality) compatibility improvements for USB cable connections on both Android and iOS, and a more detailed console log window.

We look forward to your feedback about this new version of LK, we’re really happy with the new MIDI Clip Editor - be sure to let us know what you think! As always, if you want to talk to us about this new release or anything else, just open up the contact page of our website and get in touch.

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