LK and UBRIDGE updated - UBRIDGE now Apple Silicon ready

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LK 1.12.5 and UBRIDGE 1.7.0

Hi everyone,

We have a couple of app updates for you today with the release of LK 1.12.5 and UBRIDGE 1.7.0.

The most significant change for UBRIDGE 1.7.0 is the new universal macOS binary, which means UBRIDGE is now Apple silicon ready. We’ve also made some minor optimisation tweaks for both macOS and Windows versions.

Moving on to LK, and thanks to the continued feedback and suggestions from you, our awesome community members, we’ve packed a fresh bunch of bug fixes and feature amendments into LK 1.12.5. Here’s a quick rundown:

  • Added follow actions loop amount (under follow actions settings)
  • Added clip "from start" and "continue" play modes (under clip settings)
  • Added probability to follow/transform clip actions
  • Fixed note events being sent during recording countdown
  • Fixed synchronization issues when creating notes in Ableton Live
  • Fixed MIDI not playing when using LK with UBRIDGE
  • Fixed hung notes when recording and triggering clips
  • Fixed duplicated notes when using LK hosted with scene follow actions

You can download UBRIDGE 1.7.0 here and update LK iOS app via the App Store and LK Android app via Google Play.

As always, if you have any questions or feedback, require technical support, or just want to chat to us about something that's on your mind, you are welcome to get in touch.

From Portugal with passion,
Team Imaginando

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