LK 1.7.2 - Introducing clip properties and more

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LK 1.7.2 - Introducing clip properties, midi triggering and follow actions

The latest update for LK v1.7.2 is available to download from the App Store and Google Play now, and contains a host of improvements and new features to Matrix MIDI clip editing and launching.

Check out the YouTube video where Nuno gives us a quick demo of the new stuff, hosting LK as an AUv3 plugin inside AUM, with an Arturia Minilab MIDI keyboard connected.

Long pressing a MIDI clip in LK reveals a new context menu allowing you to copy/paste/delete and also open the clip and display its ‘Properties’ panel. As well as naming the clip and changing its colour, the properties panel allows you to double or halve the clip length, specify a MIDI CC assignment to trigger the clip with, and also choose the ‘follow’ action, to set what should happen at the end of the clip. ‘Next’ plays the clip positioned vertically below the current clip, from the same channel, and random plays a randomly chosen clip from the same channel.

Clips in Matrix MIDI modes can now also be triggered via external MIDI equipment/CC commands. In the video Nuno uses the Arturia Minilab to trigger different clips on the drums and bass tracks.

Check out the video, and download LK v1.7.2 now!

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