Ableton Live hands on

Matrix module allows you to control your Ableton Live set remotely. Get to know all the features

Expressive MIDI Pads

With a chorder, an arpeggiator and radial velocity control, creative blocks will never be a problem. Know more

Loads of MIDI control

One knob, four toggle buttons, one slider and one pad, now multiply it by sixteen. Know more

XYZ control change twisting

The first in it's class featuring an ASR envelope generator. Know more

Watch it in action


  • Ableton Live 9
  • Apple iPhone/iPad or Android smartphone/tablet device
  • Microsoft Windows (7 / 8) or Mac OSX (10.7 Lion or later) for LKBRIDGE execution.
  • iRig MIDI 2 or any other compliant USB MIDI Interface (for external gear control via wired MIDI).