Introducing Rent To Own

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Imaginando now supports Rent To Own: a method to buy FRMS, K7D and DRC for less money.

Hi everyone,

Today we are launching ‘Rent To Own’ - a convenient and affordable way to buy Imaginando desktop products right from your account dashboard.

Rent To Own let’s you spread the cost of any desktop licence by offering manageable monthly payments that you are always in control of. You can start using the licence as soon as you make the first payment, and then when you reach the required amount of payments, the licence is all yours, forever.

One of the key benefits of our Rent To Own plans is flexibility. You can keep track of your progress via the dashboard and pause/resume payments at any time, whenever you want. If you pause a Rent To Own plan, you can still use the licensed features of the product for the remainder of the billing period, and then resume the plan when you are ready. Or if you want to settle the remaining balance early, that’s no problem either, all your options are easily accessible via your account dashboard.

Each plan shows the monthly payment amount and the total number of payments required to complete. We’ll also send you updates via email so you always know what is happening with all aspects of your Imaginando account.

You can still buy any desktop products with the existing single/one-time payment option, from inside the dashboard too - your hub to keep track of all things Imaginando in your life.

Important: In order to use our new Rent To Own plans, you need to download the latest versions of DRC and K7D from our website.

As always if you have any questions we’re right here and happy to help, just get in touch via our contact page.


Team Imaginando

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