Introducing DLYM on iOS

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Music production on iOS has evolved a lot in the last few years. iOS has always been a great platform for audio apps, the incredible low latency has led a super engaged community to produce some fantastically powerful apps.

Audiobus pioneered the use of multiple audio apps communicating simultaneously on the same iOS device, making possible the dream of a portable audio workstation. Apple consolidated this idea by certifying ‘Inter-App Audio’ (IAA) a standard.

With the latest revision of the Audio Unit format (AUv3) Apple made possible the dream of a truly mobile DAW, with plugins as capable as their desktop counterparts.

Today we are thrilled to announce the launch of our free chorus and flanger effects plugin ‘DLYM Delay Modulator’ on iOS, available as standalone (with Audiobus and Inter-App Audio support) and as an Audio Unit too.

Feedback from the community has consistently told us that this is the future of mobile audio production and that’s where we wanna be! It may be a challenging journey, but DLYM in AUv3 form is both an important and exciting technical milestone for us, one which shows our commitment to developing for this platform.

Just like the desktop version, DLYM for iOS is available for FREE - get it from iTunes/App Store now.

Thank you for your support,
Team Imaginando

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