How to make the sounds from 'Paris' by 'Else' with DRC

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Else - 'Paris' DRC tutorial

Since the beginning of Imaginando, engaging and communicating with our users has been an integral part of our ethos. Therefore something we have found particularly rewarding is encouraging the steady growth of a community full of passionate users. To show passion is to care, and whether that’s a 5-star review, a piece of constructive criticism, or a list of ideas/suggestions on how we could improve our products, the important thing is that it matters to you, and therefore it matters to us.

Another satisfying part of creating tools for artists is getting to see the fantastic projects and creations that our community shares with us and each other. This week we were treated to a new post from one of favourite creators. If you follow us on social media, you may remember that we shared INKIE’s cover of ‘Paris’, by ‘Else’, with FRMS - Granular Synthesizer part of the setup. INKIE is one of a kind, using his beatbox skills to make unique covers and fresh original tracks too! He shares his work on YouTube and has used FRMS in several of them.

So inspired by INKIE, let’s take a look at the original creators of the track, the French duo, ‘Else’. Consisting of Louis-Gabriel Gonzalez and Yanis Hadjar, they are one of the most interesting French electronic acts to appear in the last few years. From Toulouse to the world, they’ve been releasing music since 2013, exploring a unique electronic style. Combining enticing melodies and thoughtful lyrics, these two friends offer up their own personal twist on electronic contemporary musical production.

‘Paris’, mon amour, is the featured track for this week's DRC Tutorial. A song that feels like descending into the void, exploring an eerie ghost town, or just taking a deep dive into your own personal introspective thoughts. 

Jump in and watch our latest DRC Sound Design Tutorial; ‘Paris’, by ‘Else’.

Click here to download the Ableton Project file

What have you got ‘Toulouse’?
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