How to make the sounds from Jan Blomqvist 'Dark Noise' with DRC

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Putting out a regular tutorial series, week in week out, it’s always nice to hear from viewers, to both validate the quality of our content and also steer us in the right direction. Whether it’s a YouTube comment, social media post or just part of a live chat with us, your suggestions and feedback are always welcome. However you get in touch, we’ll take the time to talk to you - this week’s featured track was sent to us via email, Jan Blomqvist’s ‘Dark Noise’.

Taken from Jan’s 2016 debut album ‘Remote Control’, this track is indeed dark, but such darkness is confined to the lyrics for the most part, with the synth melodies shining a light through the droning chord progression of the organ.

The heavily processed vocoder style effects on the vocal mask the lyrics to such an extent that it’s a struggle to decipher the words being used, let alone deduce meaning from them. It’s more about the confused like state that they induce with such a stylistic choice; a troubled mind wrestling with the regrets of their past.

Fortunately we’re keeping things instrumental for the purposes of this tutorial, as Lucas breaks down several of the sounds from Jan Blomqvist ‘Dark Noise’ for this week’s DRC Sound Design Tutorial.

Click here to download the Ableton project file

It’s never dark when you’ve got a laser harp,
Team Imaginando

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